Generalized Langton Ant

It is a generalized version of the famous Langton Ant, which is a FSM (Finite State Machine) with two states. This little program give you the change to describe a FSM with up to eigth states. A more general version of the ant will be available ASAP.
Note: to get a simmetric ant, use substrings of 2n {0, 1} (viewed as a ring); for example 10011001

New tarballs:
gant-0.5.1 (2004-06-04)

The old tarballs are available at this site.

Carlo Perassi: gant-0.{5, 4, 2, 1}.x development and bug fixing, gant-0.3.x bug fixing
Christopher R. Gabriel: gant-0.3.x development and bug fixing

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